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Madden NFL 17 Gameplay Tips for Offensive
2017-05-09 15:04

It's time to jump to the online mode. We hope you have practiced enough offline and understood the main rules of the game Madden NFL 17, as well as the basic controls, since today we will focus on offensive mode in online games. Yes, today we will teach them to attack the opposing team in Madden 17.
Let's start!
- Offensive
First of all, you should know that online matches are not very long and that generally the score is very low, so you should do your best to make as many points as you can. In other words, you must get enough offensive possessions during the match. So catch those passes!
To prevent you from dropping the ball, you must throw the ball to the interceptors with better qualification, since these have better opportunities to catch the ball. Otherwise, if you want to run with your quarterback (which we do not recommend) use both triggers and press X (Xbox) or Square (Playstation) for your player to slip.
You should also keep in mind that online players are very insightful. This means they will not fall into the same trap 2 times. That is why you must change play, receiver, moves and route every time you have the ball. This move may have worked a couple of times, but your opponent will notice your intentions and will intercept the ball sooner or later.
This was all because of the offensive. Remember that you must always have the ball in your possession and try to score when there is a big hole to run or when you are near the touchdown zone. See you next time to talk about the defense!
What do you think of these tips, besides tips, good players are needed for your team too which you could get with Madden 17 Coins cheap from auction house. Also you can buy Madden 17 Points Account from us when you need. Please let us know if you like this article, we will offer more nfl gameplay guide.

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