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5 Defense Tricks to Play Madden 17
2017-05-03 11:27

The new installment of Madden 17 is now available, and with it many strategies, formations and commands to use. In this guide we will show you 5 useful tips that will make you get into the rhythm of the game without problems.
1.- Know your team and the opposing team
Regardless of the side where the ball is, you must know that you have in your favor and against whom you are playing. If the opposing team has good receivers and does not have strong seconds, it is advisable to cover the area further. If you have a strong front of 7, you can create pressure on the QB. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team and otherwise can give you a mental advantage in the game.
2.- Look at the enemy formation before choosing a move
Before choosing the play, be sure to see the players that the enemy team has on the field. If you have 2 TE, 2HB and WR, the best move to use is a run. If the enemy team chooses a move with 3 or 4 open receivers, seek to have good secondary help.
3.- Choose the player you are going to control and know your position
Unlike the attack where you control the player with the ball, in the defense you can handle one of the 11 defenders. It is a golden rule that if you are a novice, do not use support players or second players, since you are very likely to end up ruining the play. Using a defensive line man or a lineman is always a good option.
4.- Know the best plays to use
If you are in a 3rd and 20th situation, use moves that allow you to win at least 15-18 yards. If it is the opposite situation and is a 3rd and short, use the defensive line to open a path in enemy defense so you can pass. You could use Madden 17 Coins to buy the players you want in auction house for your team by the way.
5.- Learn to use the defensive line
The pre-load commands (click with the left analogue) allow you to move the defensive line, change the LB or change the pressure points. Knowing when to press or change the line is of utmost importance in defense. If the opponent uses a play with a runner, then move the defensive line.

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