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Madden NFL 17 Complete Review
2017-04-26 11:40

In Madden 17, there is an innovation in the franchise mode which is decisions, in fact, as soon as you select this mode, your coach must set a goal for the season and the reward experience is proportional to the coach's ambitions, but also the likelihood of it running. If you put a goal unattainable and, against all odds, complete it, you will receive a juicy pay, but if you fail, you may run. Decisions go beyond explicitness, such as self-adjudication or deciding whether an injured player is fit to return to action.
Tasks like renewing contracts, recruiting talent via exchanges with other teams, scouting for the next draft and even promoting players from the practice squad to the first team, are now under more evident control and presented in an intuitive and seductive way, in Instead of just simple vertical tables, accompanied by letters. What's more, you can now customize any player on your team from appearance to ratings, which will satisfy even the most nailed NFL fans, who feel that their grille heroes are being undervalued or overvalued. I insist: the franchise mode was not revolutionized, but it became much juicier.
Tactical battles are the coolest game innovation
Now, once you've been managing and preparing the team for 245 hours, you jump onto the court. Before delving into changes to the controls, it is important to mention that there is, in the franchise mode, a tool to accelerate the parties that I consider to be one of the most notorious and useful improvements that has been received in recent memory because, let us acknowledge, Time - especially when the regular campaign ends on television - to continue advancing the seasons can become cumbersome, when each game lasts at least half an hour but this new function dilutes a little the investment of time and makes things more dynamic.
The knobs did not change too much, i.e. B or circle are the 360 ° turn, the right stick is used to make side cuts, Y or triangle allows you to jump to an opponent like a fence and X or square are equivalent to throw themselves towards the front; Now, if you press the left trigger in conjunction with these buttons, those actions are more immediate. In other words, running with the ball is a more responsive action which, in a game of football, is always worth highlighting. So do you want to play this game now? Before you start, buy Madden 17 Coins online to get good players for your team.

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