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How Does Madden NFL 18 Look on Xbox One X?
2017-12-05 11:29

Specifically, what is your team of developers doing to improve Madden 18 for Xbox One X?
Thanks to Xbox One X we are reaching new goals in the graphics and gameplay of Madden NFL 18. The resolution of the game can be adjusted to Ultra HD 4K, something that really brings out the details of the athletes. The gameplay will run smoothly at 60 fps, this means that when a player makes an annotation and celebrates there will be an imperceptible transition between the gameplay and the kinematics.

How do these improvements affect the gaming experience?
As we already mentioned, we improved graphics with Ultra HD 4K compatibility and exceeded performance thanks to the game running at 60 fps continuously. When you combine Ultra HD 4K with a constant gameplay at 60 fps and add improvements like an increased level of detail in the camera, you will notice and feel an immediate difference when starting your game. This means that the elements such as the helmet and the face of the athlete become more realistic, giving you the feeling that you are inside the stadium.

Why did your team of developers decide to focus specifically on these areas?
We wanted to offer our fans a visual experience as faithfully as possible, and we knew that these key areas would bring the most obvious improvements.

How do you think Madden 18 fans will respond to these improvements when they play it or watch it on Xbox One X? Will Madden 18 coins be needed a lot on Xbox One X platform? 
There are still times when watching Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X we are not sure if it is a live broadcast: this is how realistic the experience we have achieved with this console is. We hope our fans react in the same way.

How has the process of running this game on Xbox One X been?
The Microsoft team planned this transition very well, and for us it was very easy to optimize Madden NFL 18 to take advantage of the power of the console.

What are the improvements that Madden 18 takes advantage of Xbox One X that most excite you?
Initially, the powerful graphics processing unit of Xbox One X allowed us to increase loyalty, and we are confident that we can improve this experience even more in the coming years.

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